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Post-Decree Modifications

Partner With a Divorce Lawyer and Get Divorce Modification and Post-Decree Modifications based in Phoenix, AZ

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The court may modify your parenting time schedule or legal decision-making orders if there is a substantial and continuing change to justify a modification. A divorce modification attorney with Huffman-Shayeb Law, PLLC can review your case to determine if you are able to file for a modification of your current court orders. Our divorce lawyer can also assist with trying to negotiate an agreed-upon change with the opposing party. In the event the opposing party is unwilling to agree to any modifications, we are able to assist with litigation.  Our attorneys are Phoenix, AZ-based divorce lawyers who regularly assists clients with post-decree modifications.

We Help You Petition for Divorce Modifications to Adjust Your Custody, Child Support, or Spousal Support Order

Your entire life can be affected by the terms of your divorce. If you are unhappy with them and you feel they are no longer appropriate for your situation, you may still have the opportunity to make changes. Grounds for post-decree modifications include:

  • Either parent relocating
  • A substantial change in the gross income of either party
  • A substantial change in the living expenses of either party
  • The child’s wishes
  • + more

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