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Contempt / Enforcement Actions

Pursue Contempt/Enforcement Actions With the Help of Child Support Attorneys based in Phoenix, AZ

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Court orders are legally enforceable. However, it’s not uncommon for someone to refuse to comply with orders regarding custody, child support, and spousal support. If your ex is continuously violating an order and communication is no longer an option, you have the option to pursue contempt/enforcement actions. A child support attorney at Huffman-Shayeb Law, PLLC can assess your situation and help you pursue these actions in court. Our attorneys can also defend you against accusations of contempt if your ex has filed an unjust motion.

We Help Clients Enforce Child Support, Child Custody, and Spousal Support Orders

You will have to file a motion with the court and provide evidence that shows your ex-spouse’s actions are contemptuous. The court will then issue an Order to Appear to you and the accused, which means you will both have to appear in a hearing. Huffman-Shayeb Law can help you file the motion and represent you in court to ensure your voice is heard.


It must be shown that the accused was aware of the order and that they don’t have a legitimate excuse for the violation. The court will give the person who is in contempt an opportunity to make amends for the violation.

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