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When a married couple who have children get divorced, issues involving parenting time and decision-making are the utmost importance. We take the issue of protecting your relationship with your children seriously.

At Huffman-Shayeb Law, PLLC, you can partner with an experienced child custody law firm in the Phoenix, AZ area. Our attorneys can offer you honest and compassionate advice, help you understand your situation, and fight for your interests both in and out of the courtroom.

Arizona Child Custody and Child Support Explained

The presumption in Arizona for parenting time (or physical child custody), is to give equal time to both parents. However, this does not make sense for every family. If a judge determines a deviated schedule would be in the child’s best interest, an uneven parenting time schedule may be put into place. 

Arizona also wants to give both parents the right to make decisions for the child. This is called legal decision-making (or legal custody). Again, there are some cases where making decisions jointly with the other parent is not feasible, or realistic. In some cases, especially those that involve domestic violence, sole legal decision-making may be the better option. 

A child custody attorney can help you evaluate your situation and determine the best plan to present to the court, or to the other parent for possible settlement.

Child support decisions are made based on a number of factors. It is best to consult a child support attorney who can help you establish, modify, or enforce a child support order. We help both mothers and fathers in a wide variety of situations involving custody and child support.  

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